5 februari 2015
Rosarium, Amsterdam

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Mobile Must Support The Entire Shopping Experience

10.15 - 10.45

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming core touchpoints for consumers across the shopping experience, and the revenue that mobile and tablet devices generate does not accurately reflect their influence and impact on overall sales. In fact, Forrester estimates that half of online retail, travel, and daily deals sales in Europe will be from mobile and tablets by 2018. In her presentation, Michelle will outline examine the key drivers and inhibitors that will fuel mobile commerce growth in Europe and The Netherlands. She will explain why, to keep up with the pace of change and benefit from the forecasted m-commerce growth, eBusiness leaders need to:

-- Enable mobile moments. 
-- Refine mobile moments using the additional customer insight that mobile affords.  
-- Track the influence of mobile devices across the customer life cycle.  
-- Take advantage of mobile devices in store. 


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