5 februari 2015
Rosarium, Amsterdam

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  • 5 vragen aan Ondrej Homola, StartupMonday

5 vragen aan Ondrej Homola, StartupMonday


De vierde editie van Twinkle's M-Commerce Event informeert over de rol van de smartphone en de tablet in de omnichannel wereld van uw klant. In aanloop naar het event op 5 februari aanstaande, maken we kennis met de sprekers.

1. Who are you?
StartMonday is changing job hunting forever.

2. What are you doing?
StartMonday helps people to win jobs in 15 seconds by sending short introduction videos to employers. Clients like H&M, Vodafone, Hema, PWC, ING and many others are already hiring with us.

3. Where are you going to talk about during your presentation at the M-Commerce Event?
We are going to talk about recruitment being stuck in the 90s and about our way of disrupting it.

4. Why do you think you can’t you miss the M-Commerce Event as visitor?
Its always great to get inspired from others!

5. Why is the M-Commerce Event with the theme ‘Getting intimate with your customer’ such an important issue right now?
There is nothing more important than your customers. At the beginning, they help you to find your market fit, later on they make you profitable. And to be able to deliver the best possible solution to their problem, you really need to be have a close relationship with them.


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